About us

Tired of dealing with project delays, overrun costs, people shortages, and collaboration issues?

After more than 10 years in the AEC industry, our founder Nevon had enough of it too, and decide to become the change that he wanted to see in the industry himself.


With Nevon’s years of BIM implementation, training, and virtual construction services expertise, he quickly realised that innovation and technology was the solution to the problems the industry was plagued with all along.


And that was how Sketcho was born!

How Does Sketcho Make a Difference?

As a BIM integrated services and solutions provider, Sketcho is here to plug the gap that your firm may be facing – whatever it may be!


Want to improve team collaboration and workflow efficiency on a major project? Need help to evaluate designs, generate accurate 2D drawings from BIM models or even generate bill-of-quantities? Our team of technical experts is here to help you with quick turnarounds.


Looking to train up in-house BIM staff or improve existing staff’s expertise? We provide training as well as offer consultancy services to co-develop automation for your modeling processes.


Have other BIM-related needs? We offer solutions tailored made to your needs – there is no project too big or small.

Why Choose Sketcho?

Apart from being a convenient one-stop-shop for all your BIM needs, architects, architectural firms, contractors, construction firms, and MEP firms choose Sketcho for 3 simple reasons:

Domein Expertise

Our team of process engineers is highly skilled in domains ranging from Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing to BIM modeling, with experience in local as well as international projects. 

Best in Class Standards

At Sketcho, we are committed to delivering every project, whether big or small, on time in full and exceeding our clients’ quality expectations.



Accommodative and Flexible

As architects and engineers, we understand the ever-changing nature of projects and are always ready to accommodate any changes required during a project.


Starting on a new project?

Let Sketcho give you a hand in turning your vision into reality today!