Looking to build BIM content to help provide clearer insight in planning, designing, and construction of your projects going forward? Have special requirements, unique fixtures, or characteristic fittings? Do you need Revit content for your product?

If so, creating customized Revit Families is your starting point.

Imagine the whole range of various architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and even decorative components – from windows, doors, columns, and more – that you can easily put together to visualize how everything fits into your project’s digital twin.

Once you have that, you can be assured that your model has the accuracy and flexibility that come with specific dimensions and easily adjustable parameters that can be updated throughout your project for easy modification and multiple types.

How We Can Help at Sketcho

As pioneers in the field of BIM modeling, at Sketcho we understand that one of the most complicated parts of BIM modeling is the step of creating Revit components (BIM content).

And that is why we want to help AEC professionals like yourself by offering our expertise in this area:

Improve Your Design with Customized Revit Families Today

Want to save time and effort, while maintaining high levels of accuracy and flexibility in your design? Well, BIM modeling with customized Revit families is your solution!

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, simply reach out to our friendly team with your requirements and let us come back with a proposal way to get you on board with the future of architectural and MEP modeling!