For every beautiful and interesting architectural structure, there has to be a corresponding well-thought-out structural design that holds it all together.


Need to ensure that the proposed design has structural integrity and has accounted for all aspects?

Want details of the stability and strength of the various built structures from the allowable soil pressure for specific structures to reinforcement requirements?

Planning for a technical drawing for technical workers on-site to work off?



That is where structural drawings work their magic!

How We Can Help at Sketcho

At Sketcho, we understand that the structural integrity of the building is as important as the aesthetics.

And that is why we offer a full suite of services to suit your range of structural drawing requirements:

Outsource Your Structural Drawings to Sketcho Today

Regardless of size or intended purpose, what stage of development your project is at (from LOD 100 to 500), and the type of construction project that you are undertaking, our team of experienced engineers & BIM-modellers at Sketcho are here to lend a helping hand.

Don’t hesitate. Reach out to us with your requirements and let us come back to you with a detailed proposal of how we can help!